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Zhenka Bowers MBACP- Dip Counselling, Dip Hypnotherapy, NLP and Root Cause Therapy Practitioner




Specialising in helping you to overcome depression, anxiety, mental health issues, trauma and abuse, using Root Cause Therapy, Parts Work based on the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) and Integrative Hypnosis.



Assisting your personal/spiritual development to BEING                    the real YOU

Catherine, Barbados

'Hello everyone, I have had 2 sessions so far with the wonderful soul Zhenka, this amazing therapy has given me so much clearing and peace, it has made me see the truth of the challenges I have faced for so long.
I have been able to forgive myself and others on the deepest level I have ever had before. 

Seeing the truth behind my situations has been so freeing for me.
I look forward to my other sessions and to be able to share this amazing therapy with my clients. Thank you Zhenka for this powerful and profound therapy.”


Joanne, Brisbane,Aus

Zhenka is insightful,caring and compassionate, I have become so empowered after working with him. He has no idea how much he has helped me. I started taking action towards my dreams after being stuck in my depression. thank you so much again."


Hi Zhenka, I cannot express enough my gratitude for you, for saying YES to me, for the recent session we had even though you had covid. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have had a Huuuuge shift since our last session, I am blown away. I feel like the blockage has been taken off in my subconcious mind and i'm starting my life again wthout doubting myself and without all those  inner critics I had before. All I can see is that I have that little Katie with me, she is safe and we gonna do this together. Thank you Zhenka and I hope you feel better. ”
Sitting at a lake at sunset



  • A regressive therapy to facilitate holistic healing and transformation

  • A way to process and release our emotions from past trauma that continue to effect us in the present

  • An efficient and effective way of discovering and healing our core limiting beliefs

  • A way to integrate into our whole being the wounded and orphaned parts of us that occur at the moment of trauma.

  • Deals directly with the cause of the belief, feeling or behaviour. No more symptom management that yields short term results.

  • The Centre for Healing has used this method since 2016 in their Mental Health and Addiction Centre in Melbourne, Australia conducting thousands of sessions with incredible results.  


Booking Your Root Cause Therapy Session

Root Cause Therapy (RCT) is inspired by a number of processes, including NLP, Parts Work based on Internal Family Systems and Integrative Hypnosis.


An RCT session usually lasts around 90 minutes.


A free 20 min telephone or online consultation is available upon request.


Sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home (within a 15 mile radius of my locality – Oakamoor, Stoke on Trent) or arranged online.



1  session     £50

Including telephone and text support throughout your treatment.


For anyone from a low income household or in receipt of benefits please contact me so we can arrange a payment plan suitable to your means. It’s very important to me that everyone has access to the support and potential for change that this therapy provides.


Please contact me by phone –UK 07917818355

                         Email -    zhenkabowers@beingyourootcause


I’m so excited to see you - Being You

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